Computer Repair

System Tune Up and Virus / Spyware Removal

Our PC System Tune Up’s – Computer Optimization & Maintenance

Below is the 8 level process South Bay PC Service’s technician take when performing a Tune Up to your computer.  By using specialized software tools, we make sure every step is taken in the order below.  The first 5 steps are the maintenance section of the overall process, followed by the optimization sections which are the next 3 steps.

  1. Check, Repair & Recover Sectors on Hard Drives
  2. Full System Cleaning of Temporary File
  3. Remove Unnecessary System Files and Uninstalling unwanted Software
  4. Identify & Patch Software Security Holes and Installed Operating System and Software Updates
  5. Clean and Optimize the Registry
  6. Optimize System for Maximum Efficiency
  7. Tweak the Operating System for better System Performance
  8. Professionally Defragment your Computer
Our Virus / Spyware Removal+ PC System Tune Up ( Full PC System Tune Up)


Our Full PC System Tune Up is a combination of both hardware and software overhauls.  In addition to the 8 levels of hardware and software computer system maintenance, we first start by detecting, removing, and cleaning any virus/spyware/malware on your computer.  Once that process is done, we start with the 8 level of system maintenance and optimization.